Sizes & Measurments

Measuring Guide for Women

Dress Size Chart(Inch)
Dress length616161616161616161616161616161


Dress Size Chart(Centimeters)
Dress length155155155155155155155155155155155155155155155

For custom-made, please give us the measurements below:

  • 1. Upper Bust: Measure above the breasts and across the armpits.
  • 2. Bust: Measure around the fullest part of bust.
  • 3. Under Bust: Measure underneath the breasts.
  • 4. Nipple to Nipple: Nipple to Nipple.
  • 5. Waist: Measure around your waist,4cm above the Belly Button.
  • 6. Hip: Measure across the widest part of the hips.
  • 7. Shoulder to Nipple: From the shouder to Nipple.
  • 8. Shoulder to Waist: Measure from shoulder top to the waist line.
  • 9. Dress Length: Measure from shoulder neck point over the breast to where you want the dress to end(With Heels.
  • 10. Shoulder Width: Measure from one shoulder point across the back to the other shoulder point.
  • 11. Your Actual Height: Measure from the head to the feet without shoes.
  • 12. Shoes Height.

For dress with sleeves or off the shoulder styles, the following measurements are needed:

  • 13. Around armhole
  • 14. Around upper arm
  • 15. Around elbow
  • 16. Around wrist
  • 17. Around shoulder
  • 18. Sleeve length

For mermaid style:

19. Around thigh: Standing with your feet together, measure around thigh(2 legs together).

Measuring Guide for Childen

Dress Size Chart(Inch)
Dress length33353840414243444748505152


Dress Size Chart(Centimeters)
Dress length848997102104107109112119122127130132

Measuring Tips

How to Measure For Your Dress Size

Wedding dress and special occasion dress sizes often fit tighter than regular clothing. In order to avoid the size mistakes, plea do follow the measuring tips when ordering online. It takes times and efforts to measure your size accurately. Having a friend or your tailor take the measurements for you is absolutely worthwhile before ordering online. The top one reason gowns don’t fit is their measurements taken incorrectly.So which do you prefer?

Tips for Measuring for Your Dress Size

  • Ask your friends, relatives, or your tailor to help you take measurements as accurate as possible. The more accurate, the better fit.
  • Make alterations for a perfect look. Nearly all formal gown needs the alteration no matter you buy online or in the local bridal shop.
  • While measuring, keep the measuring tape snug instead of tight around your body part. Never such in your tummy for a smaller belly number!
  • Your dress size is only a number. Formal dress sizes fit tighter than common clothing, you’d better order a larger size than your normal one. The number over the tag inside your gown is not the key. The most important thing is how you look like in your favorite dress.


Measure around the fullest part of your breast. It’s better to wear a bra which you may wear with your dress, or don’t wear bra if you don’t plan to wear a bra inside your dress, most of our dresses are built with bra and bones. Make sure the measuring tape is comfortable. Do not make it too tight while measure your bust. Remember the bust measurement should not be the identical size as your bra.


Measure around your waist about 1-2 inches / 3-4.5cm up your belly button. When measure your waist, make sure no clothing is under your tape. Make sure the measuring tape is comfortable. Do not make it too tight while measure your waist.

Measuring tip

Do not wear low cut jeans or pants while taking your waist measurements. Someone nay think it’s OK as her waist is exposed, wearing that can add 1 or more inches to your real waist size.


Measure around the fullest part of your hips. It’s suggested to measure about 6-7 inches down your belly button. Masure the measuring tape is comfortable. Do no make it too tight while measure your hips. When measure your hips, make sure no clothing is under your tape.

Shoulder to hem dress length

Our dress length is made to fit women up to about 5 feet 9 inches height with heels.If you require other length, please let us know. Don’t forget to pick the most appropriate heel height which works with your dress length.

Tips for Dress Ordering & Fitting

  • 1. If you are between sizes, choose a corset or lace up back style dresses which provides an adjustable fit.
  • 2. If you want full. A Line or ball gown dresses, pay more attention to bust and waist measurements.
  • 3. Keep your dress one size larger since it’s easier to get a dress smaller than larger. Seldom dresses could get a perfect fit without alterations.
  • 4. before you place an order online, remind yourself that it’s totally different from shopping in local bridal shops. You should be ready for some wrinkling caused by packing and shipping of any dresses. Don’t compare the gown you take out of a small box or package with photos of a carefully steamed dress. If you want a wrinkle- free and perfect looking dress, have it steamed after alteration completed.

How do I know which size to order?

The thumb of rule is to choose the size that matches your largest measurement. When purchasing a ball gown or A line dress, remember that your bust and waist measurements play a more important role than your hip measurement. If you happen to be between sizes, it’s recommended to choose a larger size which your have room to alter in the dress. Then make an appointment with your tailor for alterations on the areas unsatisfactory.