Prom is one of the most important thing for teenagers. A good prom experience will go down in history as one of the most memorable days of your life, so plan it well is very important. We have prepared a list to help you plan and prepare ahead of time so you may enjoy each moment without last minute concerns. We suggest that you print this list and keep it with you. As you complete each item that applys to you check it off. Planning ahead will help you feel confident and at ease so you are free to relax, look absolutely gorgeous, and enjoy every moment of this exciting time. Pre Prom Plans: 1. Purchase your prom dress at least 2 months before the prom date and have any alterations made so you have the perfect fit. 2. Purchase shoes after your dress was bought and wear them around the house so they are more comfortable and you can dance the night away. 3. Purchase accessories to complete your special look such as clutch and jewelry. 4. Make a hair appointment for the day of the prom if you want to have a hairdresser give you a special look. 5. Make an appointment for a manicure and pedicure the day before the prom. 6. Purchase items for a refresher kit to take with you such as make-up, small hairspray, safety pins, lipstick, nail polish, etc. 7. Plan and purchase clothing for the after party. 8. Order your dates boutonniere from the florist. Date Plans: 1. Discuss with your date who is purchasing the prom tickets. 2. Make sure your date has confirmed dining reservations if going out to dinner and if it includes other friends. 3. Plan a safe method of transportation especially if there will be several in the vehicle because distractions can cause accidents. 4. Discuss after prom party plans. If it involve a change of clothing, where will you change. 5. Parents will want pictures before the prom. Discuss a way both sets can be involved. 6. Don't forget to tell your date the color of your gown for flowers. 7. Discuss who will take a camera for those memorable photos of this great event. The Day Before: 1. Pack a bag with your clothing for the after party. 2. Pack your refresher bag with extra hairspray, extra nail polish, etc. 3. Pack items in your purse for the evening such as lipstick, gum, etc. 4. Attend appointment for manicure and pedicure. So you get all prepared, get up early on the prom day, allow ample time to prepare everything, go to the hair and make-up appointment, don’t forget to take your date's boutonniere, your clothes pack and refresher kit. Enjoy your prom day!