The days where bridesmaids shrunk from their dresses are long gone. In fact, the modern world bridesmaids are provided with the opportunity to choosing the perfect style out of different styles that are available on the market. However, you might feel a little overwhelmed because of the variety of bridesmaid dresses that are available on the market. Here is a list of few effective tips that you can keep in mind in order to purchase the best bridesmaid dresses that are available in the market. 1. Wedding style – It is extremely important for you to purchase a bridesmaid dress that matches perfectly well with the style and theme of the wedding. Otherwise, you would look odd among the crowd. The wedding themes can be divided into three main categories as classic, modern and vintage. You need to figure out the specific type and then go for the perfect bridesmaid dress. 2. Wedding location – The location of the wedding creates a tremendous influence on the choices that are available for the bridesmaid. You should have a clear understanding about the location of the wedding and make sure the dress you purchase is comfortable as possible. For example, if the wedding is held at the beach, you are encouraged to purchase a light bridesmaid dress as it can keep you away from discomfort. 3. Color – Different people have different complexions. Therefore, you need to figure out the perfect color of the bridesmaid dress according to your skin complexion. It would be better to go for a dress that looks great on all ladies to be on the safe side. It is better to wear a bridesmaid dress that has a similar color to the dress of the bride. 4. Browse fashion magazines – As mentioned earlier, bridesmaid dresses that belong to different styles are available out there in the market. You can go through a fashion magazine in order to get to know about the latest trends and a suitable dress that matches according to your style. If it is hard for you to access fashion magazines, you can think about visiting some bridal websites on the Internet. Then you can head towards the bridal stores to purchase the best matching dresses. You can also ask for assistance from your female friends. 5. Determine the budget – Last but not least, you need to pay attention towards the budget. The least expensive bridesmaid dress available out there on the market might not be the best one. You should not go for the most expensive dress either. You need to be careful enough to purchase the best bridesmaid dress within your budget. If you keep these tips in your mind, you will be able to stay away from the stress that is associated with purchasing a bridesmaid dress. These tips would assist you to figure out the best bridesmaid dress available in the market, which fits perfectly well to your personality and preferences. It would make you look and feel better on the wedding day as well.