Think you're ready for your first beauty pageant? Not until you have the perfect dress! Here you'll learn how to find the perfect one for you! Find the right store. There are tons of places out there designed specifically for formal wear. If you're on a tight budget, thrift stores almost always have pretty pageant dresses in great condition. Also, if you have friends that have done pageants in the past, she will probably have more than one dress in her size. Ask if you can borrow it. Start by simply looking around. If you see a dress you love at first sight, try it on! If this doesn't work, look for colors. Different skin tones look great with different colors. People with light complexions should try deep shades of red, dark green, cream, or black. People with tans should try bright greens, pinks, orange, gold, and yellow. people with dark brown or caramel colored skin also look good in the same colors as light complected people. Compliment your body shape. If you're tall and skinny, a dress with a high-waist line, lace up bodice, and some boning in the breast would be appropriate. If you're a more curvy girl, try a dress with a tighter bodice and unique straps. If you have a slightly chunky build, dress alterations can almost always be made to accommodate whatever dress type you choose. Remember that your skirt should always just barely skim the ground when you glide. Be sure to bring a pair of heels similar to the pageant shoes you plan to buy when trying on dresses. Look for dresses with lots of glam. Rhinestones, sequins, and metallic thread always look amazing on stage, and make the judges remember you. Be sure to try on lots of dresses. You may a love the way a dress looks on the rack, but it can look a whole lot less wonderful on you. On the other hand, a dress that you don't think is very pretty may look fantastic once you try it. Be open to any suggestions a store employee gives you. Last but not the least, if you don't find "the one", feel free to try a different store. Also, look in catalogs that many places have on hand. Beware though: the models wearing the dresses may flatter them much more than you would, and most dresses ordered through catalogs are not returnable. :)