Prom 2020 is approaching and the search for the perfect dress is on top of the list. With all the choices that shoppers are given, it is difficult to know what kind of dress will make one of the most important nights of your like memorable and fabulous. Factor 1 A big must in choosing a dress is being familiar with the designer and their sizes. Many designers do not match the typical size chart. It is very important to go on their sites and research the sizing charts so you are able to pick the correct size for your body. Factor 2 Color is another huge consideration in selecting a dress. You must really know your skin tone and recognize what colors work best for you. Take for example someone who has fair skin and hair; you don't want to wear a pale color such as nude, it will wash you out. You need to stick to darker colors such as dark green or navy. The contrast against your skin will look flawless. A dark complexion and hair should wear bold colors that enhance your darker skin. A bright golden color would look great on your skin, it brings out the golden hues. Factor 3 The style of your dress is another important step. If you choose the wrong style it can throw the entire look off. For the petite sizes person you do not want to choose a dress that is too full that makes you look like a marshmallow. Choose a dark colored sleek dress that will elongate your body. For those that have a heavier set body an empire style is great. It is fashionable and hides those extra pounds. Also if you have a printed dress, make sure that the print is on the parts of your body that you want to accentuate and not the parts that you want to conceal. Factor 4 Even though it is not fun to hear, make sure that you know your buget. The last last thing that needs to happen is finding the perfect dress, but it is out of your budget, therefore you have to skim on the accessories. Remember shoes, jewelry, and handbags are also crucial. Without these accessories you cannot complete your final look. Selecting the right prom dress can make or break the special night. When you step onto the dance floor you will want all eyes on you. Hopefully this guide helps your dream come true!!